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Story Expo

screenwriting-course-event1-600x250The Writers’ Program will be hosting two panels at Story Expo 2014, which will take place at the Westin LAX from September 5 – 7.

Writing the TV Pilot:  Your “Must Have” Calling Card

Friday from 6-7:30pm

Whether you’re a new or seasoned TV writer, you need at least one original pilot in your portfolio that shows your voice, your passion and brand of humor, and your sensibility.  A panel of widely-produced one-hour drama and sitcom writers lays out how you can tap into your own “TV taste” to develop a Big Idea that’s a solid franchise capable of generating 80 to 100 episodes; create fresh, original characters;  and pitch your show to networks and studios with style.

Panelists:  Phil Kellard (chair), David & Julie Chambers, Richard Hatem, Richard Manning

Introductory Remarks:  Linda Venis, Director, UCLA Extension Writers’ Program

Write Like You Mean It: Emotional Connection in Your Screenplay

Saturday from 11:30am-1 pm

Writers often say what distinguishes a great screenplay is a powerful, meaningful story that moves us, and characters that make an emotional connection.  Learn how you can create an emotional current that drives your story and plot forward, create scenes and characters that make the audience care, and push your writing to the next level.

Panelists: Billy Mernit (Chair), Steve Mazur, Jon Bernstein, Chrysanthy Balis

Introductory Remarks:  Linda Venis, Director, UCLA Extension Writers’ Program

In addition, the Writers’ Program will have a table in the exhibit hall where you can meet our staff and learn more about our screenwriting and creative writing courses, certificate programs, competitions, consultations, mentorships, scholarships and more.

Hope to see you there!