Claire Carmichael

Claire Carmichael has retired from teaching but is still active in the Claire Carmichael Scholarship in Novel Writing.

Instructor Biography: 

Author of 27 novels, most recently, the young adult novels Gotta B and Leaving Simplicity, and the crime novel The Platypus Ploy (under the name Claire McNab). Ms. Carmichael has published 20 children’s novels with Random House Australia. She is a recipient of the UCLA Extension Distinguished Instructor Award and the UCLA Extension Outstanding Instructor Award in Creative Writing.

Instructor Statement:

I would like every one of my students to experience the delight of seeing his or her novel on the shelves of a bookstore, to have the thrill of standing beside a customer while they examine, and then buy, the author’s book. To this end my classes are directed toward optimizing the individual creative abilities of each student and guiding his/her work toward publication. I also believe that learning should be an enjoyable process, so it is important to me that the classroom provide a relaxed and positive environment where we can exchange our ideas, insights, and discoveries in a warm and supportive atmosphere.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Not only is Claire a terrific writer, but she also is an extremely effective teacher and communicator. She immediately figured out what I needed and how I should go about it to improve my writing.” — Writers’ Program Student

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