Dewayne Jones

Instructor Biography:

Television writer/producer, WGA member whose credits include Stalker (CBS) and The Following (Fox).  Mr. Jones was co-executive producer on Bad Sex and a co-producer on Time After Time. His other credits include the feature Coming & Going and Hidden Palms (The CW).

Instructor Statement:

Things change quick in the TV business, that’s why it’s good to have someone currently working in a writer’s room instructing you how its done RIGHT NOW. Until you’ve been in multiple rooms, you can’t know how to successfully navigate, much less write in one.  I’ve had the experience of being in four different broadcast TV writer’s rooms making my up from writer’s assistant to producer and I want to share with you best practices in achieving the same.   My teaching strategy is to empower you, the student, to know the ins and outs so that you are able to gain the skills through this course to succeed in working environment.  Lots of discussion, lots of interaction breaking story, lots of communication and collaboration cause that’s how it works in the real world.

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