Jim Higgins

Instructor Biography:

MA, comic book writer and publisher, was an editor at Paradox Press, a division of DC Comics, where he helped manage and develop properties. Mr. Higgins was the assistant editor on the graphic novels A History of Violence, Road to Perdition, and Stuck Rubber Baby, and is the editor/publisher of the New Thing anthology of short comic stories. He has also written comics and articles about film.

Instructor Statement:

Good stories are gold. It doesn’t matter where you find one, whether it’s in a film, a comic book, a blog, or in a bar being told to you by a stranger. We’re all storytellers by nature, but like most arts, there are many things you can learn about writing stories to help you get better. Whatever medium you choose, you should always tell stories to create a serious impact on the viewer or reader. Who wants to see an amusing or “kind of interesting” film when you could see one that’s hilarious or incredibly powerful? Those stories are inevitably ones with unforgettable characters, so whether you’re aiming for a discerning and intelligent audience or writing the most pulpy genres, write stories people can’t stop talking about.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Jim is smart, funny, and most importantly, passionate about what he teaches! His passion for the material is absolutely contagious. — Writers’ Program Student

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