Kimberlee Auerbach

Instructor Biography: 

Author of the memoir The Devil, The Lovers & Me: My Life in Tarot. Ms. Auerbach has performed her comedic monologues throughout NYC at venues such as The Original Improv, The Bitter End and Comix. She has also been featured as a radio guest on Sex, Success and Sensibility with Candace Bushnell, Wake-Up with Cosmo, and others nationwide.

Instructor Statement:

Writing is a layering process. First you have to play, make a mess, and then, after that, after you’ve found your flow on the page, you can start to implement craft, to find the right verbs, the right rhythm, to add humor, to dip deep and dark. It’s an incredibly fun, exploratory and creative process. In terms of helping my students get to the next level in their writing, I’m very good at tuning in to what each person needs. I don’t believe in a one-fits-all guidance system. One student might need to expose more of himself or herself on the page. Another student might need to stop being so adverb happy. And another student might have a hard time with transitions. I try to make everyone feel seen and heard. I also think it’s crucial to let students teach each other. One person’s strength might be someone else’s weakness. Instead of feeling jealous or competitive, it’s an incredible opportunity to learn. Bottom line, I want people to grow. I want their stories to be heard in the world. And I want to do everything in my power to make that happen.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Kimberlee is not only a great teacher, but she has that caring and nurturing factor that really makes you feel special as a student. You know this is not just a job for her, it is a passion and it comes through in different ways every week.” —Writers’ Program student

“Her passion for writing and dedication to our education seem to motivate her feedback. I feel I made leaps, by way of necessary setbacks, this semester. Kimmi gave me the most worthwhile experience and the best value for my education dollar.” —Writers’ Program student

“This is by far the best writing course I’ve taken. Each week built upon the previous week’s material, and at the culmination of this course, I learned how to bring all the important points together to create a satisfying story, both for myself and the reader. I was constantly challenged without being bored or overwhelmed and learned invaluable information that I can carry forward and use for further writing. Excellent class!”
—Writers’ Program student

“Kimberlee is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and professional. She brought these qualities together, along with her enthusiasm, positive feedback, and desire to help every student succeed. She presented well-organized lectures every week, expounding on a new writing skill which incorporated the previous lectures and assignments. The participation in the class was wonderful due to the fact that Kimberlee was extremely involved in our experience at all times. If I could, I’d easily give Kimberlee a 15 instead of a 9! HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kimmi as an instructor!” —Writers’ Program student

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