Michael Jann

Instructor Biography:

MFA, screenwriter and WGA member who wrote The Last Stand, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Ghost Team One (Paramount Pictures). He also wrote a sci-fi/action feature for Universal Pictures and is currently adapting the comic book, 5 Days to Die, for Circle of Confusion.

Instructor Statement:

Learning should be fun. As a staff writer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon for two decades, I’ve had over ten thousand of my jokes told on air. The biggest thing I learned from that amazing experience was the realization that we don’t write for ourselves – this isn’t just therapy. We write to entertain. To move people. Whether it’s to make them laugh, cry, or cover their eyes, and squirm in their seat. There might be a great writer deep inside you. My job is to help you unleash him or her, and help you deliver the goods in a way that gets the reaction you crave. I’m now writing screenplays, full time. I’ve read countless screenwriting books, and met with the best gurus. And I get a real kick out of sharing with aspiring writers the best advice from the best instructors. I promise, “There will be fun.”

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