Michelle Franke

Instructor Biography:

MFA, founder and editor of the Los Angeles based literary journal, The Rattling Wall. Ms. Meyering was also editor of the literary publication, Folio, and her poetry has appeared in numerous journals including The Comstock Review and The Eleventh Muse, and she was named a 2013 “Face To Watch” by the Los Angeles Times. She is currently Executive Director of PEN Center USA.

Instructor Statement:

Submitting to Los Angeles Literary Journals is particularly important to me, as I’ve always thought of literary journals as incubators for new writers. It’s my belief that the quality of our writing is not only affected by our reading and practice, but also by the sense of sacrifice, fear and, ultimately, joy that we feel sharing writing with readers. While this workshop encourages the traditional practices of reading and writing, it also provides access to practical publishing tools, including the opportunity to meet with professional literary journal editors. This is an exciting time to be writing in L.A. and I’m eager to share why I think so with students.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Michelle is fantastic! A wonderful, brilliant mediator of workshop, an engaging and energetic lecturer, a useful, supportive and resilient critic, and an enjoyable and personable presence in the classroom. — Writers’ Program Student

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