Nijla Mu’min

Instructor Biography:

Writer and filmmaker whose short films “Two Bodies” and “Dream” have screened at many festivals across the country including the Pan African Film Festival, Urbanworld and Outfest. She recently directed her first feature film, Jinn, starring Simone Missick (Netflix’s Luke Cage). Her writing appears in VICE, Shadow and Act on the Indiewire Network, Gawker, and The Los Angeles Times.

Instructor Statement:

We are all storytellers, capable of connecting to writing and cinema through our own personal histories and experiences. I am here to guide your exploration of story for the screen. I believe screenwriting and storytelling are forms of communication, bridging people across divides and providing a platform for connection. In my course, we will spend ample time in the story development phase, discovering characters, conflicts, plots, locations, and dialogue, and how they combine to create distinct long-form narrative scripts, which vary from other forms of writing. We will explore what it means to tell a personal story that is also universal in its themes and emotional resonance. One of my early writing teachers told me that “to write is to take risks.” We cannot make safe dramatic choices and expect conflict to result from them. We will test ourselves and our characters, and in doing so, we will craft story.

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