Robert Bryant

 Instructor Biography:

MFA, former video game creative executive and motion picture story editor who has worked on dozens of game projects for home consoles, iPhone, iPad and PC/toy hybrids. Mr. Bryant was a studio director at Crave Entertainment, where he executive-produced World Championship Poker; Future Tactics: The Uprising; and Pinball Hall of Fame. He is co-author (with Keith Giglio) of Slay the Dragon: Writing Great Video Games (Michael Wiese Productions).

Instructor Statement:

The constantly changing technological landscape of the videogame business makes it seem like Hollywood in the late 1920s, after the advent of recorded sound rocked on the movie business, upsetting long-held assumptions about production methods, genres and audience expectations. The videogame business is like that every year. The biggest challenge for interactive writers is constantly learning and re-learning how best to apply the tools of their storytelling craft to this constantly shifting technological landscape. As new ways of interacting with the game world and with other players emerge, writers must constantly weigh greater player freedom against the linearity of traditional narrative structure. Both the videogame industry and its ever-growing audiences are still sorting out what the difference is between a player, an avatar and a protagonist. This is an exciting time to be an interactive storyteller, as new rules are being written—and broken—all the time.

Our Students Say it Best!

This was a really terrific class. Cool to invent board games. Bob is fantastic, knows his stuff, loves games, and story.” —Writers’ Program student

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