One-on-One Mentorships

If you have a novel-in-progress, a completed draft of a novel, or at least one finished screenplay or teleplay and/or some previous training, you may wish to consider a one-on-one mentorship with a Writers’ Program instructor. Mentorships give you access to an instructor Monday through Friday for 4 full weeks.  You receive feedback every 12-24 hours for most work and 24-36 hours for longer material.

A Mentorship in Creative Writing is ideal for writers who:

  • Want a personalized approach to learning based on their level of experience and/or writing goals
  • Want ongoing targeted instruction and both written and verbal feedback as new pages are developed
  • Need guidance on specific craft issues such as structure, dialogue, characterization, balance, and/or pace

A Mentorship in Screenwriting is ideal for writers who:

  • Wish to move forward on a new or existing project in any stage of development
  • Seek ongoing written feedback from a professional writer
  • Have specific writing challenges they want to address.  (Students with a story concept focus on developing scenes, characters, and an outline.  Students who are actively writing pages receive regular feedback on craft issues.  Students with a completed draft focus on revising or polishing their work.)

For more information about this one-on-one approach to your writing education, go here or call (310) 825-9415.

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