Online screenwriting student Mark Daniels has a lot to celebrate! His feature length screenplay, Out of Sequence, was recently optioned by a production company. It’s a psychological thriller about a teenager who finds herself in a bizarre world of constantly changing scenarios. Mark also optioned two short scripts, The Detention Monitor and Superhero to Showbiz Shorts, both of which he describes as quirky comedies. Finally, his short story “Little Devil” will be published in the June issue of Tales of the Talisman.

Mark has taken Introduction to Screenwriting I and II with screenwriter and instructor Brian Herskowitz and says, “My experience with the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program has been extremely beneficial to me. I just wanted to say thanks for the experiences.” Oh, and did we mention that Mark lives in Kentucky? It proves that you don’t need to live in Hollywood to perfect your craft and make those valuable connections!

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