Former Writers’ Program staffer Josh Sitarz graduated with what he called a “fairly useless degree in philosophy and a genuine love of film.” He knew he wanted to be a screenwriter. He’d read the books, but didn’t know how to break into the business.

After attending panel discussions at the Writers Faire, Josh was motivated to sign up for Introduction to Screenwriting which gave him the basics. “I put pen to page, or fingertips to keyboard and cranked out some downright awful material…it was amazing.” Over the next couple years, Josh took more Extension courses, landed a position as program assistant in the Writers’ Program so he could enjoy even more courses without denting his wallet: everything from short story writing to courses in writing for sequential art. Eventually, Josh enrolled in Steve Mazur’s Advanced Feature Film Comedy course and became confident enough in his work to show it to people in the industry.

Josh and his writing partner were recently signed with Code Entertainment, a Management/Production company, co-owned by Writers’ Program instructor Rick Berg.

Josh is happily awaiting his first paycheck as a bona-fide screenwriter, but he hasn’t given up on taking UCLA Extension courses.

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