Ishamea Harris-Wolff’s novel excerpt, A Magpie’s Heart, was nominated for the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Intro Journal Project Award in fiction. It’s a national literary competition for the discovery and publication of work by students currently enrolled in a writing program. Ishamea is in her second year at Northwestern’s graduate creative writing program. Before that she took courses with—you guessed it—the Writers’ Program! In fact, she received a Certificate in Creative Writing before entering her graduate program. She says about her experiences, “UCLA Extension’s Writers’ Program really helped to make me a more polished, literature-savvy writer. I’d never taken a fiction writing course until Introduction to Fiction with Charles Wyatt. I graduated from a journalism program that emphasized journalistic writing and the social sciences, no time for being too creative. I owe this nomination to all my instructors in the Writers’ Program, but most especially to Alyx Dellamonica, Don Webb, Jessica Barksdale Inclán, and Dan Jaffe; they’re more than instructors, they are true mentors and friends. You guys rock!”

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