Writers’ Program students made their mark at some of 2007’s most exciting screenwriting events. Bronwyne Mirkovich’s script “The Best Clown Money Can Buy” won the Family Genre prize at the 2007 Screenwriting Expo and Kathy J. Forti’s one-hour original pilot, Stacks, was a finalist in the Slamdance Teleplay Competition.

Bronwyne began her path to success with Writers’ Program screenwriting courses and found a mentor in instructor Scott Myers. “You can feel safe stumbling around in your screenplay and trust that Scott will steer you back to a path of improvement.”

Kathy, a psychologist and author, had never written a television pilot before, but tried her hand in Bill Taub’s online pilot writing course. She says, “Bill turned out to be a true mentor—encouraging, supportive, and he taught me the networking ropes of the business. Thanks Bill!”

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