Writers’ Program student Jeff Drongowski recently sold the script “Hurt” which he co-wrote with Anthony Grieco.

Producers of the recent “Halloween” redo picked up Drongowski’s script about a group of estranged friends who meet up after another’s suicide and discover that one friend is out for retribution.

Drongowski took three Writers’ Program screenwriting courses in 2007, two with instructor Andy Guerdat, recent recipient of the Outstanding Instructor Award in Screenwriting. Jeff’s experiences rejuvenated his writing. He says, “I came to Andy Guerdat and the Writers’ Program when I was feeling really burned out. All the pointless meetings, endless rewrites and near misses had finally gotten to me and I needed a reboot. Andy has an uncanny ability to make you fall in love with writing all over again and remember why you wanted to do this in the first place. The notes I got from the class were always insightful and substantial because, as Andy likes to say, these producers are paying you tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars… it’s not too much to ask for your script to be perfect. UCLA Extension got me back on track and set me up for my first sale.”
Read more about Drongowski and “Hurt” in the Daily Variety.

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