Creative writing student Tammy Delatorre has some good news to share—three different publications!

Tammy took Ian Randall Wilson’s course, Micro-Fiction: A Course in the Really Short Story, where she finished a piece called, “Gifts from My Mother.” The story recently placed first in the River Styx Micro-Fiction Contest and will be published in their spring issue. The same magazine will also publish a second short story from her, “The Sweetness of Moths,” in its summer issue. Finally, her story, “Guava,” was one of six finalists in the Lunch Hour Stories Very Short Story Contest and will be published an anthology to be released in December.

In addition to taking several courses such as From Book to Screen and Describing Setting So Your Reader Won’t Skim It to Get to the Good Part, Tammy was a student in the Writers’ Program’s highly competitive Master Class in Novel Writing.

“I’ve written in the novel form for a long time, so it really helped my skills as a writer to explore the shortest of short story forms. In Ian Randall Wilson’s micro-fiction class, we not only looked at the basic elements of fiction, but also learned to condense these elements into brief moments. I saw that a beginning, middle, and end could be insinuated beyond what was on the page, and realized how important it was to leave a lot out,” she says. “Ian pushed us to create new pieces every week and to quickly achieve conflict, scene, and resolution – all in the course of one page. In a 10-week course, I created eight pieces—three of which have been awarded, recognized, or published. It was probably one of the best classes I’ve taken as a writer.”


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