One of the best ways to get your screenplay noticed by agents and production companies is to enter notable competitions—and place! That’s exactly what screenwriting student Julie Howe did with her script, Epiphany, which placed third in the BlueCat Screenwriting Competition.

Julie is a candidate for the Certificate in Feature Film writing. While she’s taken several courses, in particular she wanted to thank her online Intermediate Feature Film II writing instructor Jacqueline Zambrano. She says to Jacqueline: “I’m really thrilled and wanted to let you know since that script was in its infancy when I took my first class with you. You were SOOOO supportive which gave me a lot of confidence in the story. Although I know I have much to still work on and improve in the script, this contest gave me some additional validation. I still have the note you sent me from before where you told me: This is a movie!! I’ll never forget it. Thank you for your generosity and encouragement.”

It sounds like you are well on your way, Julie—please keep us posted on the life of this script!

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