Creative Writing student Eileen Granfors‘ short non-fiction piece “On Schedule or Else” was named a finalist in the Cup of Comfort for Military Families anthology. She also had one previous piece published in the anthology A Cup of Comfort for Divorced Women called “Bruised but not Broken.”

“On Schedule or Else” is about growing up in a very disciplined household under a dad like “The Great Santini,” and shows how discipline is a good thing in adult life. “Bruised, but Not Broken,” looks at surviving divorce with two children, and what it means to move on and find new happiness.

Eileen has taken a number of Writers’ Program courses over the years in fiction writing and novel writing. However, two instructors particularly stand out as having helped Eileen achieve some of her writing goals. She says, “Both Vandana Khanna, who urged us to submit, submit, submit, and Eve La Salle Caram, who offers more personal time and TLC than any other teacher I have ever had, are my two UCLA instructors I credit with this publishing success.”

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