It’s so easy to get frustrated with writing. Sometimes what you’re working on doesn’t come together, no matter how many drafts you try. Like the Beatles say, sometimes you just need a little help from your friends.

So who do you turn to for support? Why, the Writers’ Program of course. We know that writing is a lonely business, and it’s important for writers to connect with a strong writing community. It’s also so important to surround yourself with fellow writers who understand the challenges and joys of the process. You probably already know that the Writers’ Program is a literary hub for writers of all kinds, all levels, all backgrounds, yet with similar goals—to make their writing work.

Becoming a part of the Writers’ Program community is so easy– thanks to the worldwide web. No matter where you live, you can find a way to join. In fact, there are 207 ways to become a part of the Writers’ Program community:

1) 200 online courses per year

Every year we offer more than 200 online workshops in creative writing, screenwriting, and television writing. Join lively discussions from the comfort of your living room, connect with fellow students and teachers from all over the world, and get feedback on your writing from a diverse group of writers working through the same issues and discoveries. Even some of our local Los Angeles students opt for the online courses (now that parking and gas can tear a hole through your wallet). The online format has been described as both intense and intimate, a combination with proven results (just look at our Success Stories on this website).

2) the Cyberhouse: An Online Open House

In 2007 the Writers’ Program launched the first-ever online open house, where nearly forty Writers’ Program online teachers from all over the globe answered questions on their courses and writing. Hundreds of students logged in over four days to take part in the discussion. We invite you to join us next year for Cyberhouse ’09.

3) our ever evolving and expanding website

The Writers’ Program recently launched its new website (you’re looking at it now!). This ongoing project pulls together all the dynamic aspects of the program. Through it, we hope to keep you informed on recent and upcoming happenings, show you different sides of our instructors through the instructor pages, and spread the word about our students’ and teachers’ writing successes. As we speak, we’re enhancing our instructor pages to show you the latest shots of their book covers or films. Take a look!

4) our blog

We launched the Writers’ Program blog last summer and enjoy watching it grow. Conversations about the process of writing and upcoming events are met with Q&As with instructors about various writing topics. To access the blog, click on the tab at the top of this page. We invite you to join the conversation by leaving comments to our posts. We will respond!

5) social networking sites

Join the Writers’ Program on Facebook and Myspace and be part of the global community. Keep in touch with your classmates and learn about upcoming features of the program.

6) screenwriting mentorship program

This fall, the Writers’ Program unveils a new 4-week online mentorship opportunity for screenwriters. Tom Lazarus, author of Secrets of Film Writing and Rewriting Secrets for Screenwriters (St. Martin’s Press), heads up this ambitious project— the Screenwriting Mentorship Program: Foundations of a Screenplay (Online). In it, students work one-on-one with Tom to develop a feature idea into workable form. Not only will students have special access to the teacher for four weeks, but also they won’t have to brave the traffic or parking fees once, as the mentorship is completely online. Sessions begin September 22, October 20, and November 17. For full details, check out our fall course listings, up now.

7) Many new things are in the works, and we hope to add more interactive features and enhancements to our site regularly. Our latest addition is our blog Q & A which gives students a chance to get their writing questions answered by a professional writing instructor. Stay tuned to the blog for details on this brand-new feature. The key here is interactive community! It will be fun.

Look for more ways to connect to the WP in the months to come!


Corey Campbell is the Program Representative in Creative Writing (Online) and Events.

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