Screenwriting student Jay Michaels‘s psycho thriller screenplay, The Last Good Horror Story, has been chosen out of thousands of submissions from around the globe as a finalist in this year’s Shreikfest Film Festival. The festival is held once a year to find the best and brightest writers and filmmakers in the genres of Horror and Sci/Fi. This year’s festival will be held at Raleigh Studio from Oct 2nd – the 5th.

Jay says, “The screenplay was conceived and written in Marc Sedaka‘s Introduction to Screenwriting I. This was Mark’s first class as well as mine. He was instrumental in teaching me the basics of screenwriting and storytelling as well as being a great inspiration. He was so good that I was able to finish a completed screenplay by the end of his class. That screenplay is now the finalist.”

Jay will be receiving his Certificate in Feature Film Writing this fall quarter and will be continuing on towards certificates in television and fiction.

Congratulations on finishing your certificate, Jay!

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