The Emerging Writers Network has chosen Creative Writing instructor David Borofka’s short story “The Secret Life of Engineers,” about a middle aged man coming to terms with the secrets of his parents, as the winner of their 2007 Short Fiction Contest. Judge Alyson Hagy describes the story as one “that knows its voice and heart. It never resorts to literary pyrotechnics. It doesn’t try to do too much, and it left me with a rich, complicated sense of its characters despite the fact that it’s not very long. It’s a story that believes in itself, and thus, it made a believer out of me.” David found writing “Engineers” to be a sort of therapy. It was, he explains, “my attempt to make sense of the fact that no matter how close we might be to others, we ultimately cannot know anyone entirely. In every life there are other lives, other stories, from which we will always be excluded. Such is the process of fiction, to work our way a little more deeply into those stories than we might otherwise go.”

“The Secret Lives of Engineers” will be published in the December issue of online journal Storyglossia.

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