A Christian woman, who runs an ex-gay, reparative therapy ministry with her husband, searches for salvation through repairing the “sexual brokenness” of gay men. But she finds her life devastated and belief challenged when two young men in her care fall in love with each other, revealing love has no boundaries.

This is the logline for Save Me, a film written by former screenwriting student Robert Desiderio. The film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007, and is making its way across the country. Robert recently contacted the Writers’ Program to enroll in a novel writing class: “Over the years, I have taken almost every screenwriting course at UCLA’s Extension program, and each instructor has brought and encouraged a high quality and passion to and for the work. So, it was only natural, when I began to embark on writing a novel, that I return to a source of much inspiration and guidance.”

Congratulations on your film success, Robert!

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