It’s almost February and the Writers Studio is upon us. What’s the Writers Studio, you ask? An intense gathering of writers and their mentors (our distinguished Writers’ Program instructors) immersing themselves in their writing for four days in Westwood Village.

From February 5-8 – Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – you work in classes limited to 18 students. Morning to night, you focus on writing, looking at it from all angles and workshopping your own pages. This is your chance to break from your usual routine and give yourself a writing vacation. Not only do you workshop your own work, but you get to meet and mingle with fellow scribes, to network, and to learn or re-learn that you’re not alone on this writing journey.

So, how does the Studio work? You choose one of our ten courses offered in screenwriting, fiction writing, or nonfiction writing. Then you’re with the same group and the same teacher for all four days.

It’s the writing residency type atmosphere that draws you in. Students arrive Thursday morning not knowing each other, quiet, a little unsure of themselves, and by Sunday evening at the closing reception they’re talking loud and drinking wine and don’t want to part. The Studio creates a closeness that’s difficult to get on your own from the dark corner of your desk.

We at the Writers’ Program like to offer this intimate, intense conference to give students a place to congregate and grow. To build a community. To connect with professionals (our teachers) who found a way to make writing their livelihood. It can be done. The Studio is a safe haven, a place to come to for support, a chance for you to pursue your goals and gather the strength to push yourself forward in your work.

Take it from someone who’s been there. Instructor Scott Myers, who will teach Character Archetypes: Five Key Figures to Help Shape Your Story’s Characters, says, “Every Sunday night after the Studio has come to a close, I’m enveloped in a cloudy haze of exhaustion. But the following day as I fly across country to my home in North Carolina, I think on those four days and recall the countless story breakthroughs, the moments of illumination where this student or that suddenly ‘got’ an important aspect of screenwriting, tears shed, laughter provoked, deep thoughtful silences – and by the time the plane touches down, I am enlivened to do it all again.”

Won’t you join us? Workshops are still available. Click here for more information.

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