Online creative writing instructor Dave Borofka, who teaches Introduction to Fiction Writing, The Art of the Short Story: Advanced Workshop, Flash Fiction, and other courses, has published another short story! “Coincidence” appears in the winter issue, #69, of Glimmer Train Stories (

“The older I get, the more stubborn and thick-headed I seem to be. ‘Coincidence’ was one of those stories that began and fizzled about five times over the course of five years or so before I realized that there was a storyteller whose reaction to the story needed to be recorded. Cole Jensen’s experience of being a very temporary miracle-worker left him puzzled and a little bitter, but finally Cole’s experience is best understood through the narrator’s own sense of divine abandonment. Maybe that’s true for us all? That we don’t understand what we have lived until we’ve seen it reflected in someone else?

“This is the second story of mine that Glimmer Train has published; I’m grateful to the editors, those wonderful sisters, Susan Burmeister-Brown and Linda Swanson-Davies, who take such care with the work they present. I’m also grateful for the online community–staff, instructors, and students alike–of the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program and the commitment we all share: that getting a story right can be frustrating and difficult work, but worth doing all the same.”

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