Jana Eshaghian, who has taken four creative writing courses with the Writers’ Program, including The Essential Beginnings and Writer as Witness to Life online, recently had her first submission published online in Lupus Now Magazine. “The Blue Bunker,” a meditation on coping with the autoimmune disease, is available online here.

“Diagnosed with lupus in 2005, I spent the better part of two years in bed, and still find myself physically limited. The Writers’ Program online classes, and two extraordinary teachers, liz gonzalez and Lisa Dale-Norton, helped me to reshape and recreate my life. With their generous guidance and encouragement, I began excavating a desire and a passion to write. Autoimmune diseases affect millions of people in the U.S. and I’m working on a memoir that addresses not only what it’s like to live with a chronic illness, but also how empowering the experience can be. I’m grateful for finding a new outlook on life and appreciate the support from the Writers’ Program, my teachers, friends and family.”

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