Online Creative Writing Instructor Sonja Livingston has won the 2008 AWP Award Series in Creative Nonfiction for her memoir Ghostbread (to be published by University of Georgia Press this fall). Judge Kathleen Norris’ praises Sonja’s work:

“…the author of Ghostbread takes us on a journey through a childhood scarred by poverty and graced by love. Like an American version of Angela’s Ashes, the book allows us to encounter— and see, taste, and smell it— through the eyes of a beleaguered and intelligent child. We are grateful to be reminded of the human reality at the heart of a world that is all too often hidden in governmental ‘poverty indicators,’ and also glad that the author has survived to tell the tale.”

Sonja explains that teaching for the Writers’ Program has enriched her writing:

“I feel grateful to work with such talented and diverse writers in the program. Though I’m an instructor, I certainly get as much as I give from the writing workshops I lead. The students are amazing. They are full-time workers and parents and trying to survive broken down cars and cross-country moves and the day to day grind, but somehow, they make time to write. How inspiring!”

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