Whew! So many happenings at the Writers’ Program these days. Spring quarter just started and we’re buzzing over here like… you guessed it… a swarm of hornets. Read the headline above. This month the Writers’ Program is happy to participate in the Indian Film Festival and the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Won’t you join us?

We know you want to get yourself cultured this spring. You saw Slumdog Millionaire — and my friend’s personal favorite, Om Shanti Om— and now are mesmerized by Indian cinema. In that case, you should find your way to the ArcLight Hollywood for the Indian Film Festival, running April 21-26. The Writers’ Program personally will sponsor the film Little Zizou, written and directed by Sooni Taraporevala, who also wrote the hits Mississippi Masala and The Namesake. The film has been called both charming and quirky, so how could you resist? Check here for more details: http://www.indianfilmfestival.org.

And if you live in Los Angeles, you’re probably already familiar with the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. You know, the huge, sprawling, jam-packed, two-day festival held all over the UCLA campus. Visit the Writers’ Program booth outside Royce Hall to talk to our counselors and enter a drawing for a free one-day course. We’ll be watching out for you.

The Book Fest, literally the largest literary festival west of the Mississippi, promises numerous fascinating panels and conversations. Here’s just a sampling of the panelist list: Gore Vidal, Marilynne Robinson, Mary Gaitskill, Pico Iyer, and many of the Writers’ Program’s own teachers, including Samantha Dunn, Rachel Resnick, and more. See the panel schedule here.

What else will you see at this gigantic weekend festival where people read and write and talk about books? Frozen lemonade. Book stores hawking hard-to-get tomes. And hundreds of writing and arts organizations lined up booth by booth. Join the conversation!

So, if anyone complains about having nothing to do this April, the Writers’ Program just won’t hear of it. The Indian Film Festival and the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books both promise excitement, good stories, and the arts community all of us seek.

Corey Campbell is the Program Representative in Creative Writing (Online) and Events.

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