Online certificate student Rami Musa Alayan, who began taking screenwriting classes with the Writers’ Program in 2007, joined a team of filmmakers, actors, and volunteers to produce a short film, “Lesh Sabreen?” Set in a Palestinian neighborhood of Jerusalem, the 20-minute film tells the story of two young lovers who dream up a future free from the equally oppressive dictates of family tradition and political reality.

In January, it premiered at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in France, and since then it has toured international festivals in Palestine, Switzerland, Serbia, Uruguay, the Netherlands, and the United States.

“As the co-writer and co-producer, the most rewarding aspect of the project was seeing my writing translated and transformed by the collaborative filmmaking process into its final visual form. This has been an invaluable experience. Equally invaluable was what I learned at UCLA Extension. Karl Iglesias’ class on Writing Great Dialogue and Chrysanthy Balis’ Advanced Scene Craft were particularly helpful for writing a short film where the limited screen time adds more necessity to making every beat and every line of dialogue carry the story forward.”

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