Joanna Poppink, who has been taking classes with the Writers’ Program since 1992, recently received confirmation that Conari Press will be publishing her book Recovery from Eating Disorders: A Practical Guide to Freedom for Adult Women in 2011. Joanna, a Marriage and Family Therapist, had been writing about eating disorders on her blog for years, when Conari approached her about writing a recovery book.

“For many years I’ve given myself the gift of the UCLA Writers’ Program classes, where I’ve explored memoir, creative nonfiction, and more. The teachers, the course work, the exercises, and my fellow students were and are critical to my development as a human and as a writer. In my private practice I consider the program a co-therapist and send people to the catalog regularly. And now, because of the encouragement, patience and in depth teaching UCLA Extension Writers’ Program gave me, I have a signed contract for a book. I thank every teacher I’ve had in your program and every student who has shared their journey and process.”

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