It’s that time of year again in Los Angeles. June gloom, Father’s Day and, oh yes, graduations. While most of our New Year’s resolutions have been long abandoned (I know I’m not the only one out there with a partially read copy of The Flat Belly Diet), it is unquestionably a time of new beginnings for many.

This hopeful change is not limited to high school students leaving home for the first time and college grads taking their first step into the “real world” (i.e., learning how to live without student loans and discounted car insurance). For UCLA Extension students completing a certificate program, this June marks a time of opportunity, either personal or professional, to take their goals to the next step.

On June 30th, UCLA Extension will hold its first annual Certificate Program Graduation Ceremony at Royce Hall (yes, that Royce Hall, of David Sedaris and Royal Shakespeare Company fame) to recognize students who have successfully completed certificate programs during the past year. More than 400 students have accepted the invitation to participate in the June 30 graduation ceremony which will include a reception for students and guests, speeches, and special presentations (including Writers’ Program instructor and performance poet extraordinaire Laurel Ann Bogen reading an occasional piece that she composed especially for this event).

For our part, the Writers’ Program is proud to honor our creative writing, screenwriting, and television writing certificate students. They have taken a journey from novice writer to experienced wordsmith and, with finished product in hand (or hard drive), they are prepared to take their work to the next level (whether it be a new project, a new job, or publication). Students who participate will accept their certificate alongside those from the visual arts, entertainment studies, business and management, engineering, humanities departments and more.

Congratulations grads, you’ve done us proud!

For more information about Writers’ Program Certificate Programs, click here.


Katy Flaherty is the Administrative Assistant for the Writers’ Program. Write to her at

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