Instructor Leslie Lehr‘s 2008 novel Wife Goes On is the Official July Book Club Selection for the Pulpwood Queens Tiara-Wearing Book-Sharing Book Clubs (with 209 book club chapters and more every week). In January they hosted Lehr, who teaches Novel Writing I and The Fine Art of Finding a Fiction Agent, and featured Wife Goes On at their Annual Pulpwood Queen Girlfriend Weekend Author Extravaganza in Jefferson, Texas. Lehr wore a tiara, tasted crawfish po-boys, danced the night away to Southern rock at the Great Big Ball of Hair, and voted on the club costume competition with the theme “Black and White and Read all over”.

“I’ve been teaching in the Writers’ Program since 2001 and I enjoy it more with every class. It’ so much fun to help the kind of students here—motivated, enthusiastic, and smart—take an idea in their heads and translate it to the page in a way that makes the story rich and true and everything they imagined. Plus, what’s more fun than talking about what I love to do!”

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