Kathleen Rockwood, who has taken many online Writers’ Program classes including Introduction to Fiction Writing, Horror Writing, and Flash Fiction, is having a great month. To be more specific, she had a very successful September 7th. That is the day e-zine Long Story Short published her flash fiction Retirement Day, and Every Day Fiction posted her piece Shredded. Kathleen has published seven stories so far, and we’re sure it’s only the beginning.

“I wrote the first version of Retirement Day for an assignment in Dave Borofka‘s Flash Fiction course last fall. I used the feedback from him and my classmates to revise it. It’s true flash fiction: only 512 words, a first person reminiscence of a retiring factory worker to his now-deceased wife on his last day on the job. I find the feedback and encouragement keeps me writing (and hopefully improving) when I otherwise might become discouraged and just give up.”

Congratulations Kathleen, keep putting your work out there!

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