Ann Whitford Paul, who has taught picture book writing for the Writers’ Program for over 10 years, has just published Writing Picture Books: Hands-on Guide from Story Creation to Publication. Ann takes the reader through the revision process, with tips about opening lines, plotting, language, and manuscript submissions, as well as writing exercises to help make your picture book more saleable to editors.

“Thanks to the Writers’ Program I became a published writer. Thanks to becoming a published writer, I became an instructor in the Writers’ Program, hoping in some small way to pay back the teachers who had encouraged me. Preparing the classes forced me to think about my process and verbalize it with clear examples so students could understand and follow. The students must have understood and followed because they were the ones who encouraged me to write this book. I am forever in debt to the Writers’ Program for its fabulous teachers and stimulating students.”

Congratulations Ann. You’re an inspiration to your students!

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