Beth Ann Bauman, who teaches Introduction to Fiction Writing and Writing the Short Story (Intermediate Workshop) online, has just published her first young adult novel, Rosie and Skate. The novel follows two teenaged sisters living at the Jersey shore. As their dad serves a few weeks in jail and their cousin Angie looks after them, Rosie and Skate navigate teen romances in their boardwalk community. The YA novel has already received excellent reviews, including a Kirkus starred review, a Booklist starred review, and inclusion in Booklist’s 2009 Top 10 First Novel for Youth. From the Boston Globe: “Bauman builds her story on the old-fashioned brick and mortar of character and place, and she does it beautifully, deftly, and without a single false step.”

“For three years now, I’ve been teaching online fiction classes at the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program. I enjoy encouraging my students to take the next steps, to push their characters and situations harder and shake things up. Many good writers come through my classes, and it’s rewarding to support them.”


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