Cecilia Manguerra Brainard, who has taught more than 30 classes for the Writers’ Program over the last 15 years, recently published two nonfiction books. Finding God: True Stories of Spiritual Encounters, which Cecilia co-edited, is a collection of 18 essays by Filipino and Filipino American writers who share their personal experiences with God. Fundamentals of Creative Writing, a handbook for beginning writers, includes chapters about setting, scene, character, conflict, dialogue, point of view, voice, and plot, as well as writing exercises and short selections from Cecilia’s own work.

“Teaching for the Writers’ Program has given me the opportunity to think through and put into words elements of writing which had always been instinctive to me. It’s allowed me to connect with some wonderful people: staff, teachers, and students. It’s been a privilege to guide students in their creative journey.”

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