You’ve all heard this: the early bird gets the worm. In the case of our upcoming Writers Studio, the early bird gets to save money. Seventy-five dollars of money. Now that gas prices have dropped, this could be a couple of tanks in your Volvo, or a few plates of paella at your favorite tapas bar.

Enroll in a Writers Studio workshop by our early bird deadline of December 5, and you’ll pay the discounted rate of $700. After December 5, Studio workshops are $775 each. See? Money saved.

Times are tough, why spend the money at all? Because you are a writer and need to feel like one. You want to jumpstart that writing motor again. You want the intimacy of a four-day experience, working with the same classmates and teacher from 10am-6pm each day, February 5-8, 2009. You want to learn from professionals who do what you want to do— our distinguished Writer Studio teachers all publish and produce. You realize it’s time to put your writing first again.

Or maybe you’d like to feel like past Studio participant Liz Dubelman, who said, “I found that the moment I entered the classroom I was treated with the respect of a serious writer, and that alone was extremely valuable in the development of my craft.”

Or Sandra A. Chew, who said, “I now have the tools to reach my writing goals, but I also have a lot more. I have the shared experience of creating a story with fellow writers on the same journey, and I treasure that opportunity.”

Studio courses— in nonfiction, fiction, screenwriting, and story analysis— already are filling. Many past participants have signed up for another year. So, there’s another reason to hop on this deadline before it passes.

Searching for a writing community? Find one at the Writers Studio.

“The classroom experience allowed me to see firsthand that my writing affected people—which I believe is what we all strive to do as writers. It confirmed that I have a story that must be told,” past participant Michelle Brooks said. “At the final reception I was left breathless at the number of participants who made it a point to tell me that they look forward to seeing my work in print. Wow!”

What other reasons do you need? Be the early bird and catch that worm. See you in February!


Corey Campbell is the Program Representative in Creative Writing (Online) and Events.

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