Our instructors work hard. Very hard in fact. In addition to the time they spend giving their all in class or on Blackboard, they spend hours reading and critiquing student work, answering student emails, and participating in Writers’ Program events like the Publication Party, Writers Faire, and Cyberhouse. This is on top of their writing and other professional obligations.

So it’s a pleasure when we can give back to our instructors and let them know how much we appreciate everything they do to make this program great. Every year, the Writers’ Program participates in the Department of the Arts Outstanding Instructor and Employee Awards luncheon. This year the event honored eight instructors throughout the Arts, including our own Keith Giglio and Paul Mandelbaum.

If it’s not already obvious, we love our instructors. But what is it that makes them keep coming back for more?

As Paul puts it, “The Writers’ Program attracts so many great teachers that just being part of the family these many years has been an honor. But this endorsement feels deeply gratifying and makes me think of all the wonderful students I’ve had the privilege of helping and the many more I hope to work with in the future.”

And Keith’s typically comic assessment of his teaching career: “Writers are ego-maniacs with low self-esteem so I really needed this award to get me through Oscar season this year!! In truth, the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program is stacked with so many amazing, top notch writers that to even be considered for this was an honor. My peers set the bar high. The award feels as good as having a movie green-lit!” Coming from a professional screenwriter, that really means something.

Keith will be teaching Writing Act One and Crafting Your Career at our four-day Writers Studio in February. There’s still time to register, so don’t miss out! To enroll in the Writers Studio, click here.


Katy Flaherty is the Assistant to the Director of the Writers’ Program. 

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