Stacy Juba, who has taken mystery-writing courses with the Writers’ Program, has a lot to celebrate: her debut mystery novel, Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, was recently released by Mainly Murder Press. Twenty-Five Years Ago Today follows the story of rookie obituary writer Kris Langely as she stumbles upon the unsolved murder of an artistic young cocktail waitress obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology. Kris, anxious to further her career, digs deeper into the case but soon discovers that uncovering the secrets of the past may threaten her future.

“I took the online UCLA Extension class Commiting the Perfect Crime: Writing Your First Mystery with Kris Neri. The lectures provided valuable information and tools on elements such as plotting, characterization, pacing, and dialogue, and the homework assignments helped me to make significant progress on the book I was writing. The individualized feedback from the instructor was fantastic, and the online classroom environment was warm and friendly. Taking this class was definitely one of the wisest decisions I’ve made on my publishing journey.”

Way to go, Stacy! We are happy for your success.

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