Writers’ Program student Diana Woods has taken her writing to the next level: grad school. Diana, who has taken several classes with the Writers’ Program, is now enrolled in the Antioch University MFA (fiction) low residency program. Diana is building on techniques she learned through her courses at the Writers’ Program. While she admits it can be trying, she feels her writing is benefiting.

“The combination of: 1) a mentor to provide detailed feedback on the monthly story submissions—and they don’t humor you or try to be nice—it can be brutal, 2) the pressure of monthly submissions, 3) the critical reading and writing annotations outlining the author’s use of techniques, voice and style, 4) the 10 days packed full of classes, also faculty, guest and student readings, each semester, and 5) the on-line conferences and required weekly progress postings, co-leading conferences and formulating questions for discussions—all of this together immerses the student in the writing experience and builds writing skills. It’s intense, but I see my writing improving every month.”

Well done, Diana! We are happy for your success.

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