Writers’ Program certificate student graduate Jean Medeiros, who is now enrolled in Fairfield University’s low residency MFA program in Connecticut, attributed her success to the Writers’ Program.

“I’m a huge fan. I took three years of online classes leading to a Certificate in Creative Writing: Emphasis in Fiction in June 2009. The classes were essential in learning the elements of craft in both short and long fiction. But it was the teachers, who are also fabulous writers, that really made the Writers’ Program shine. Both Caroline Leavitt and Lynn Hightower were encouraging and pushed me to write better with every assignment, and much of the novel I’m working on was written and rewritten in their classes. They also provided my references, and my writing sample was from their classes. My earlier classes were in short-fiction with Charles Wyatt, a master of the form. His weekly craft exercises were invaluable.

In my first residency workshop at Fairfield the teacher said, ‘I can tell that you’ve studied writing.’ I told him about the Writers’ Program at UCLA Extension.”

Congratulations, Jean, and all the best wishes with your future writing endeavors!

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