You’ve worked hard on your writing. You’ve brainstormed and outlined and started over and rewritten and…there’s still more to do. (Isn’t there always?) Luckily for you, here at the Writers’ Program, we’ve got your back. Not only do we offer a broad range of advanced courses each quarter, but we also have special programs designed to help tighten, sharpen, and improve your work.

To make it simple, we’ve put together this handy little cheat sheet of five excellent options for advanced students. If you find a course, program, or service that interests you, give us a call and we’ll come up with a game plan to help you meet your goals.

1. Advanced Courses: Every quarter, we offer both online and onsite advanced courses. These courses are generally limited to 12 students and emphasize work-shopping. If you’re well into your project and have already taken several writing courses, this is a good option for you. A writing sample must be submitted, so start getting your work in shape now for fall.

2. 6- and 9-month Master Classes (fall 2010): In these small, tight-knit classes, eight advanced students whose work is approaching publishable or producible form work with a professional writer to polish their writing or craft a new project from idea to draft to polish. This year we are offering four: Master Class in Novel Writing (Onsite), Master Class in Novel Writing (Online/Low Residency), Master Class in Feature Film Writing (Onsite), and Master Class in Half-Hour Comedy Pilot Writing (Onsite). We are still accepting applications for the 2010-2011 Master Classes, so click here to learn more!

3. Consultation Services: For students with manuscripts of 150 pages or more; feature scripts up to 120 pages; one-hour drama scripts up to 60 pages; or half-hour comedy scripts up to 30 pages, our consultation services provide a one-on-one experience with the instructor of your choice (if available). You meet with the instructor in person (or over the phone if you’re out of the area) and also receive written feedback on your project. Consultations take place throughout the year. Get more information here.

4. Online Mentorships: Our screenwriting and creative writing mentorships are an opportunity to receive one-on-one online feedback from a Writers’ Program instructor over the course of four weeks. Instructor Tom Lazarus offers a customized course of instruction for beginning, intermediate, and advanced screenwriting students, while novelist Caroline Leavitt works with advanced novelists who want to rewrite and polish their manuscripts. For more information, call us at 310-825-9415.

5. A Screenplay Competition: If you’ve completed three full-length Writers’ Program screenwriting courses over the past 24 months then you’re invited to apply for our annual Screenplay Competition. In addition to cash prizes, our top three winners receive a guaranteed read by an agent, producer, or creative executive, and a one-on-one script consultation with a professional screenwriter. This is a great way to get your script the industry exposure it needs.

As always, Writers’ Program advisors are ready to answer all your questions about which option is best for you. Contact us at (310) 825-9415 or write to us at

Katy Flaherty is the interim Program Representative for Creative Writing Onsite courses. Write to her at

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