Writers’ Program instructor Claudia Grazioso had her story, “American Savior,” published by Splash of Red literary magazine earlier this year.

“‘American Savior’ came out of my obsession with reality television and the new kind of ‘celebrity’ it has fostered,” Claudia said. “It’s a comic story (at least I hope it is) that, like a lot of comedies, comes straight from tragedy. In this case, the tragedy is the American healthcare system.”

Claudia teaches screenwriting courses at the Writers’ Program. “One of the things I like most about teaching at UCLA Extension is the feeling in the classroom the first time I ask my students to just write. I give them a topic, and in that quiet room, it’s almost like you can feel the energy and imagination, feel people reaching for details, memories, etc. When that exercise is over, everyone even seems to look a little different. It’s like they’ve taken their first step towards writing. It’s wonderful to see.”

Congratulations, Claudia!

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