Writers’ Program instructor Tantra Bensko, who teaches Writing Experimental Fiction this quarter, had a collection of short stories, Watching the Windows Sleep, published under the imprint of Naissance Press. An intimate-sized collection of short stories, it also includes black and white art, and a poem. Some of the work was published by invitation from Unesco, two won awards from Cezanne’s Carrot Award, and one story was published in Rose and Thorn, a magazine which nominated her for the Pushcart Prize.

Tantra, who calls her style of writing “lucid fiction,” tells the Writers’ Program that she is “thrilled to teach such brilliant students, and pleased to find many of them embracing lucid fiction as a category that describes their own writing style. The class glows with the inspiration, creativity, and dedication of the students who bond beautifully.” Tantra has published some of her students’ work in Experimental Writing Exclusive.

Congratulations, Tantra!

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