Writers’ Program instructor Dennis Palumbo’s new novel, Mirror Image, is the first in a series to feature Dr. Daniel Rinaldi, a psychologist who consults with the Pittsburgh Police about victims of violent crime. “Mirror Image is a deviously plotted thriller…and a smart, sympathetic hero-narrator who takes you along as he peels back layers of lies and wrong guesses to get closer to the truth,” says Thomas Perry, a New York Times best-selling author.

“One of my favorite things about teaching in the Writers’ Program at UCLA Extension is that it reinforces my own love of writing. Over the years, teaching in a number of areas in both prose and screenwriting, I’ve been inspired and moved by how motivated the students are, how serious their commitment to writing, and what a sense of community the classes provide for both student and teacher. Not to mention the yeoman work that Linda Venis has done, and continues to do, ensuring that the Writers’ Program remains the best of its kind in the country.”

Thanks Dennis, and congratulations!

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