This year, Writers’ Program instructor Stephanie Waxman published a new novel, Divided Loyalties, available on Set against mid-20th century world events, it features the story of Jill Fullbright, an aspiring actress in 1930’s Manhattan, and the love of her life, Martin Levy, a successful writer and passionate member of the Communist Party. As the editorial review describes, “Jill and Martin are on a collision course, which culminates when they are each called to testify before the House Committee on Un-American Activities—an experience that further throws into question not only their relationship, but the very ideals which first drew them together.”

“Taking a writing class through the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program…means being a dedicated and determined student, which makes teaching a true joy! I’ve been teaching in the program since 1997, and I look forward to teaching there many more years.”

Congratulations Stephanie!

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