A new publication from Harvard Square Editions, Voice of the Planet: An Anthology of Living Fiction, features writers from around the globe and includes the work of three Writers’ Program students. Editor and contributor Charles Degelman took both screenwriting and novel writing courses, and was a finalist in the 1991 Diane Thomas Screenplay Competition; Dan Loughry, who contributed the story “Patchwork,” took fiction writing with Eve La Salle Caram; and Susan Lindheim, author of the story “Sunflower,” took both short story and novel writing courses and was a Kirkwood finalist. Susan credits her Writers’ Program instructors with helping her get the story off the ground: “I started [the story] way back in Introduction to Fiction, then worked on it in Writing the Short Story. It was thanks to these classes that I even got the inspiration for the story, and the creative input I needed to structure it.”

All net proceeds from the books sale are being donated to Doctors without Borders.

Congratulations to Charles, Dan, and Susan for collaborating on such a wonderful project!

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