Brendan Constantine’s collection, Letters to Guns, was recently published by Red Hen Press. The book examines the para-physical natures of love and history, at times re-imagining both. As the poems progress, eight letters arrive written by non-human addressees (a nightgown, a grove of trees, a wooden spoon, others) at random points over the last 2,200 years. They are messages from home and pleas for understanding, warnings and promises of change.

Brendan says, “I owe a great deal of my initial success to Suzanne Lummis and her inspiring classes. She was my first real poetry teacher and the first ‘career poet’ I had ever met. I think that fact was as important as any detail of her study plan. Having an instructor who is still actively engaged in the discipline they teach is exciting. Suzanne teaches poetry by letting it speak for itself, and she taught me about the ‘life of poetry’ by showing me hers. I can’t thank her enough.”

Congratulations, Brendan!

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