The stranger the crime, the stranger the punishment in online creative writing instructor Don Webb’s 15th published book, Do the Weird Crime, Serve the Weird Time: Tales of the Bizarre, which blends crime writing, horror fiction and surrealism. The collection includes stories about a man who terrifies women for fun (and the entire population of Chicago decides to terrify him); would-be mystery writers who take their revenge on unscrupulous editors with cannibalism; a writer killing people to work out his plots, and a magical ring that reveals a hidden killer.

Author Lance Olsen said, “Webb’s world makes Julio Cortázar’s look a little predictable, Philip K. Dick’s a drab shade of mimetic. We live in a weirder and weirder world, no one denies this–spend a few minutes with CNN and you lose sanity points like players in a Call of Cthulu game. Webb responds to the weird–not just the modern meaning of that word as ‘strange or spooky,’ but to the older meaning–’the fate that has spun out.’ ”

Congratulations, Don! We’re excited—and terrified (in a good way!)—to read it.

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