Student Lisa DeLong recently published her book, Blood Brothers: A Memoir of Faith and Loss while Raising Two Sons with Cancer (Tate Publishing). The book recounts Lisa’s story of raising two sons with leukemia, as she struggled with her faith, all while searching for ways to keep her marriage, family, and own sanity together.

Lisa has taken memoir writing courses through our program and says about her former instructors:

Jennie Nash pulled me up from wannabe writer to author. In her first lesson, before any of us knew what writing a memoir meant, we did an exercise where we wrote the backmatter for our ‘books.’ I have actually used that content for Blood Brothers. Barbara Abercrombie is the writing mother I always wanted. She not only taught me how to craft words into story, but used the word “brilliant” once about a sentence—just a sentence—I had written and like all good mothers it was enough to boost my confidence to grow up. Both instructors always treated me like I belonged and I am most grateful for their friendship.”

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your great news, and for letting the Writers’ Program help you on the road to publication!

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