Student Jessica Goodheart’s book of poetry, Earthquake Season, was recently published by Word Press, which describes the book as tracing the faultlines of everyday experience, searching for the seam that can shake us out of our complacent world into a new, enlarged awareness.

Jessica shares this about her former poetry instructor Suzanne Lummis:

“The joy of working with a great teacher like Suzanne is that after you leave the classroom she remains with you, a literary good angel on your shoulder who inspires you, cautions you and keeps you accountable. She’s taught me so much about craft: how to make language that is fresh, how to start a poem, how to end a line, how to draw a reader in. Her teaching is rooted in a deep knowledge of poetry and an unparalleled ability to communicate her passion for the subject. I can’t imagine having written this book without her guidance and encouragement.”

Congratulations and continued success, Jessica!

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